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A Holistic Health Practice

Ayurveda is a dynamic, holistic approach to medicine that is crafted to support the unique individual. Ayurveda can be used as a preventative practice to supplement your health or it can be used as a powerful medicine to heal an already existing ailment.

Our Offerings

Coming to understand the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person, through careful observation and assessment, we can then provide the tools and support to bring them back towards their natural state of health, using the ancient system of Ayurveda. 


Digestive Disorders

For those experiencing hard or loose stools, inconsistent bowel movements, trouble pooping or gas and indigestion, work with us to bring your digestive system back into health.

Sleep Support

Quality of sleep directly correlates to quality of life. We will help you to restructure your lifestyle and daily routine to bring one of the most vital components of health back into your life.

Energy Balancing

Learn to bring your natural energy back into balance, giving you the fuel that you need when it is time to perform, and consistently sustained energy during rest and relaxation.

Immune System

There are many factors in our busy, modern lives that can lead to an overburdened or weakened immune system. We will work with you to bring it back into its natural strength. 

Other Areas of Support

  • Stress Management
  • Women Reproductive Support
  • Hormonal Balancing
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Food Education & Nutritional Guidance
  • Weight Loss
  • Seasonal & Life Transitional Support
  • Pre & Post Surgical Rejuvenation
  • Lifestyle Optimization & Support

Health Consultation & Assessment

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Health & Wellness Coaching

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Body Oil Treatment & Therapy

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I am so glad that I found Kathryn, she has been a key part of my healing health journey. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and creates a beautiful, comfortable space to learn, share and create. She truly is the whole package of health coach, teacher and counselor all in one.

- Lauren Russo

Kathryn was such a delight to work with! I did the initial consultation and 3 month program with her and I really benefitted from it. Working with her is a mix of having a therapist and a health coach - we dig deep.

- Gina Baiamonte

My only goal walking in was to have more mental energy. Four months in, I have lost weight, increased both physical and mental energy, and have a better understanding of mind-body connection. I highly recommend anyone, especially new comers like me, to try a different approach to healing and feeling better.

- Melissa Wilson

Kathryn L. Stoerzbach

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Ayurveda | The Science of Life

Ayurvedic Medicine is a medical science that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. It is is a holistic (whole-body) healing system that takes the whole person into account. Basing it’s belief that health comes from the delicate balance between mind, body, and spirit, Ayurveda approaches health and well being from a stance of integrating all aspects of a person. Physical. Mental. Emotional. & Spiritual.

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Seasons of Ayurveda Course | Fall 2019

The Seasons of Ayurveda Course is offered on a quarterly basis and is dedicated to sharing the insights, wisdom, and general practices of an Ayurvedic lifestyle in the Modern World.This course offers an in-depth exploration of the 3 core pillars of Ayurveda: Digestion, Sleep & Energy. Through a small group learning environment we will uncover the fundamental practices and ways to optimize each of these areas of our lives.  

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I am so glad that I chose to take this class with Kathryn. She is able to put Ayurvedic philology into a simple format, perfect - whether you know a little about the topics or if you know nothing at all.  Not only was the class applicable but it also inspired me to continue to pursue Ayurveda which has changed my life for the best! Thank you for everything Kathryn I’d be on a different path if it wasn’t for meeting you and taking this class!

- Sonata Beasley

Located on Kaua'i | Services Available Worldwide

We are a holistic health practice, specializing in Ayurvedic Medicine and other health services. Our seaside health practice is located next to the bike path and directly across from the Community Center, in the heart of Kapa’a.

We serve clients both in-person and online.  Whether you live here on the island or another part of the world, we would be happy to work with you.

An Elemental Practice.

4-1586 Kuhio Hwy Unit #1, Kapaa, HI 96746

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