Business Coaching & Mentorship

Refresh your perspective on Business and Work.

Initial Consultation & Mentorship Series

90 Minute Discovery Meeting + 60 Minute Follow Ups (x5)

Gaining directional clarity is crucial for any business, no matter the stage of business nor development. Simplifying, refining, and getting re-organized are key elements for a successful business. This comes through exploration and time spent understanding what the business needs and clarifying where it is heading.

In this Business & Coaching Mentorship Program, we will discuss and collaborate on the direction your business is going and create actionable-steps that are clear and simplified to get you there.

We will also explore the difficulties you are facing, obstacles that are arising, and challenges that are holding you back from either beginning or continuing your business developments and growth.  You will receive guidance and support to improve your business and to troubleshoot growth challenges.

We will work together to map out, organize, and create an action plan of what needs to be done to scaffold and build your business. Having structure and guidance as well as motivation around your business will allow you to achieve your business goals more effectively and live out your dreams!

Business Coaching & Mentorship Plan

Discovery Meeting & Initial Business Consult (90-minute)

This is an initial consultation to get to know you and your business at greater depths. We will discuss where your business is and the goals you are working towards. We will begin to map out what needs to be developed.      

5 Follow Up Meetings (60 minutes each)

-  Mentorship, Accountability, Task Prioritization & Completion, Personalized Business Goal Setting

Additional Benefits:

-  Unlimited email or phone support during our time together.  
-  Discounted rates for any additional follow up or coaching support

Total Investment: $1,350

Paid in Full, or 2 payments of $675.

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Client Testimonials

For years I have struggled with constipation and sleep issues while they continued to worsen. After beginning work with Kathryn Stoerzbach I saw positive changes very quickly. I did exactly what she prescribed for a month and things began to turn around easily. I didn't have to do anything weird, just changed my diet a bit. My system is much more fluid now, less stressed, and more peaceful. Elimination is easy, all the time, and sleep is deeper. Thanks, Kathryn!

Elaine Abercrombie
Santa Barbara, CA

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