Health & Wellness Coaching

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3 Month Health Program

Health Coaching & Continued Support (1 Hr. / Week)

This program provides a method for you to approach your health, re-construct your habits, and improve the quality of you life in a sustainable way! Your health concerns and difficulties are approached with one-on-one support and guidance that is personalized to meet your needs.
All consultations are available In Person and Online.

This Comprehensive Evaluation Includes:

⁃ 12 // 40 minute Hour Coaching Sessions
⁃ Unlimited Practitioner support in-between sessions (daily communication as needed and unlimited email during week for extra support)
⁃ 12 Week Accountability Tracker
⁃ Mealtime Guidebook
⁃ Doshic Cookbook

Price: $495 / Month

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Client Testimonials

Kathryn was such a delight to work with! I did the initial consultation and 3 month program with her and I really benefited from it. Working with her is a mix of having a therapist and a health coach- we dig deep, we chose mantras but she also really guides me through some healthy habits that have stuck! My energy levels heighten, my sleep improved and my anxiety lessened- she really helped me find balance and nix certain things that at the time I didn’t realize weren’t working for me. She also helped me develop morning and evening rituals that I will use. I’d highly recommend Kathryn to anyone interested!

Gina Baiamonte (San Francisco, CA)
Business Owner

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