The best thing about Kathryn is her energy, her approach is not streamlined for the masses, rather what worked for me and my goals. My only goal walking in was to have more mental energy. Four months in, I have lost weight, increased both physical and mental energy, and have a better understanding of mind-body connection. I highly recommend anyone, especially newcomers like me, to try a different approach to healing and feeling better.

Melissa Wilson (Hanamaulu, HI)
Marriage & Family Therapist

I have Hashimotos, often felt sick to my stomach and generally unwell. I wasn't particularly interested in being told what to eat. I was more interested in getting into a better relationship with my body and food.Kathryn's approach was perfect for me. We took it slow and steady and started to introduce practices to help me with grounding, along with slight changes in the way I ate.The changes were significant. I have been sleeping better, am able to bounce back more easily, am sick to my stomach far less, have better energy, and have shifted how I feel about food and my body overall. I also lost some weight which was not key goal, but I'll take it! Beyond her wisdom and skill, she is just such a joy. She's so compassionate, intelligent, warm and funny.

Janine Davis (Los Angeles, CA)
Executive Coach

I am so glad that I found Kathryn, she has been a key part of my healing health journey. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and creates a beautiful, comfortable space to learn, share and create. I am so grateful for her support and guidance in my life, and recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about Ayurveda and integrating the practices into your daily routine, as well as overall support for your physical, mental and emotional well being. She truly is the whole package of health coach, teacher and counselor all in one.

Lauren Russo (Wailua, HI)

Kathryn was such a delight to work with! I did the initial consultation and 3 month program with her and I really benefited from it. Working with her is a mix of having a therapist and a health coach- we dig deep, we chose mantras but she also really guides me through some healthy habits that have stuck! My energy levels heighten, my sleep improved and my anxiety lessened- she really helped me find balance and nix certain things that at the time I didn’t realize weren’t working for me. She also helped me develop morning and evening rituals that I will use. I’d highly recommend Kathryn to anyone interested!

Gina Baiamonte (San Francisco, CA)
Business Owner

I love Kathryn! She is smart, educated, sympathetic and fun! She has a gift for making what can sometimes be a very complicated subject interesting and easy to understand. She provided guidance and support and gave me some simple, easy to incorporate tools that have changed the way I feel immensely! I have lost weight and feel healthier and more balanced than I have in a very, very long time. She is a gem!

Patty Davis (Trinidad, CA)
Business Owner

Kathryn was able to gently guide me through the practice of Ayurveda to make meaningful changes in my lifestyle to allow for healing. I highly recommend her abilities and skills in coaching one to be the manager of their own health.

Noreen Steinmetz (Kapahi, HI)
Retired Physical Therapist

Twice I've had the pleasure and absolute fortune to live with Kathryn during a one to two week period and experience her healing through Ayurveda. Kathryn explains her modalities in a way that allows you to understand yourself through Ayurveda + visualize the true beauty of their benefits. She is remarkably well informed and continues to discover more each day, so as her client you are provided with constant knowledge + growth. Her teachings have proved that by simply understanding your own needs and making small adjustments accordingly, overtime you will have a life changing outcome -- and that journey is just so incredibly fun!

Marissa Wingo (San Francisco, CA)
Interior Designer

I started working with Kathryn after six months and dozens of flights worth of work travel. I was ungrounded, exhausted, easily sick and my digestion was off after years of travel bugs and spice infused eating habits. After many shared experiences, I knew that Ayurveda could help me find grounding and a restored relationship between my mental and physical. Working with Kathryn has given me the routine I needed and the mindfulness my body deserves. I couldn’t believe how much I had normalized the exhausted state I had been in until I started seeing major shifts. I sleep better. I give my food gratitude. I have a morning routine that makes me feel at home no matter where I am in the world and I can now connect the dots when something is off. My Ayurvedic practice has become a natural and foundational part of of my daily life and I look forward to more growth within it. I am so grateful to Kathryn for her expansive knowledge and empathetic teaching style. Some weeks were harder than others, but she always made sure I could rise to the challenge.

Katie Hale (San Francisco, CA)
Non-Profit Organization Developer

Working with Kathryn has been such a source of joy, comfort and support. I started with my initial consultation and made the leap for a three-month period. My experience with her was amazing, so much so that we worked together for another three months. Kathryn is incredibly supportive and with her support I was able to address some triggers, hone in on small, workable goals and do some things that I really never thought possible of myself! I adore Kathryn as a professional as well as a friend. I’ve deepened my Ayurvedic practice and have created lifelong habits and routines that have changed my life. I cannot recommend Kathryn enough.

Nancy Viemeister (Kauai, HI)

Kathryn is an amazing, knowledgeable, and compassionate practitioner. I thoroughly enjoy every healing session with her because of her gentle yet firm guidance. The benefits of seeing a practitioner like Kathryn are countless, but one of the most significant benefits for me is it holds me accountable for taking positive actions every day towards better health and wellness. Learning about Ayurveda has given me a deeper level of awareness to my daily routines and has helped me to come into balance more than ever before. I now understand how to read seemingly small shifts in my body and counteract them to refocus and balance to feel my absolute best. If you are having any sort of body or mind imbalance, big or small, I highly recommend seeing Kathryn to learn about how Ayurveda can change your life. Health is truly wealth!

Mia Belluche (Kapa'a HI
Elementary School Teacher & Business Owner

I went to An Elemental Practice for a Shirodhara treatment. Going into this I didn't really know what to expect, I just knew there would warm oil pour onto my third eye. Upon arrival, Kathryn was so inviting, sweet, and explained the treatment, it’s benefits, and what to expect. Soon after the treatment began I went into this deep meditative state. I was beyond relaxed and it almost felt like I was dreaming. All of my anxiety, stress, and worry just went away. It was truly incredible and such an unforgettable experience. I felt a deep sense of joy and this carried out throughout my entire day. I gained clarity of things in my life I needed to change and embrace. Kathryn even sent me home with recycled oil, and let me tell you, this oil is pure gold! I would recommend this treatment to anyone. You will be so happy you went! Thank you, Kathryn, you’re an Ayurvedic angel!

Danielle Donatoni

Working with Kathryn has been a truly wonderful experience. Her presence is warm and nurturing and I can see the genuine joy it brings her to help others find balance and harmony in their lives. After one session I was able to connect some dots towards areas that need more awareness and Kathryn suggested a few beautiful ideas to create gentle & loving practices to improve my life. Would recommend an Elemental Practice & Kathryn to everyone looking to grow and create a healthy, fulfilling life!

Cait Ross (Kapa'a, HI)

Kathryn is the best. She is driven by passion, operates from a deep understanding of holistic health care from her own life experience, and is dedicated to sharing that knowledge with others. I have worked with her on an individual basis to overcome some of the biggest obstacles in my own personal health and to identify and create a healthy lifestyle that will support me for years to come. Highly recommended.

Mat Inglis (Kapa'a, HI)
Business Owner

I can’t say enough about An Elemental Practice. Not only is Kathryn a wealth of knowledge regarding Ayurvedic practices and holistic wellbeing, but she could not be easier to talk to. She will take you step by step through this journey. Bonus - her space feels like an oasis!

Danielle McCoy (Ankeny, Iowa)
Interior Designer

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