Health & Wellness Plan (3 Months)

Working as a holistic medicine practitioner and lifestyle coach, my job is top to help optimize an individual's digestion, sleep, and energy which have a huge effect on a person’s overall state of health and well-being.

During the 3 month plan, new lifestyle patterning is created around habits that will support the individual for a lifetime. Ayurveda works to alleviate discomforts in the mind and body by reducing stress/anxiety, regulating digestion and metabolism, inducing sounder sleep.... And much more!

Ayurvedic health and healing is based on the relationship between the individual and their environment. It takes time, attention, and and willingness to create sustained change. Coming into a long-term relationship with sustained health needs continual support, visualization, and accountability.

Guidance in structuring a supportive daily lifestyle is provided as well as general food programs and specific recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Weekly meetings and frequent check-ins create accountability and consistent implementation of a healthier and more balanced mental and physical state.

Working on a 3 month basis and minimum, allows for the person to be accountable for their choices, and accountability and coaching for them to make sustain choices. Not for the quick fix, but for a long-term sustainability and two enhance overall health and the longevity of energy. It makes it easier to effortlessly integrate these new habits into your daily life.

On-going monthly Lifestyle support package provides:

  • One-on-One support and guidance to optimize digestion, energy, sleep, and any outstanding health concerns
  • Weekly private health sessions for guidance, support, and new recommendations (either in person, by video call, or phone)
  • Daily Communication support when needed / - unlimited email and phone communication during the work week for extra support or questions that arise

    This 3 Month Program Includes:

    • Daily practices to support energy
    • Nutritional Guidance
    • Tools to optimize digestion for Pre/During/Post mealtimes
    • Self care tools
    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Lifestyle Support
    • Stress Prevention
    • Ayurvedic Herbal Recommendations to enhance healing  
    • And More...

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