Ayurveda Course (Fall 2018)

Ayurveda Course (Fall 2018)

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This education course will dive into the concepts of Ayurveda’s holistic health approach and how it can support you daily to improve digestion, sleep, and energy. Ayurvedic practices become easily applicable, the routine of a supportive lifestyle becomes foundational, and working with food choices to support oneself into optimal health becomes fundamental through learning and exploring this ancient medicine.

Ayurveda uses the natural principles of life and determines the elemental makeup of a unique individual to best support them back into health and wholeness. These classes will strengthen your self-awareness and understanding of how Ayurveda relates to us personally and can benefit your Everyday Living!

Come join us in discovering what it truly means to live a healthier and a more balanced life and learn the ancient ways of Ayurveda by exploring the wisdom of a living system.

This course includes:
- The 5 Elements + Doshas (Elemental Meditation)
- Discover your Elemental Make Up (Natural Constitution)
- AM Routine
- Tridoshic Theory & Lifestyle Practices
- Vatta / Pita / Kapha Imbalances and How to Pacify Them
- The 5 Koshas
- Agni (Digestive Fire) Types
- Hygiene Techniques
- Lifestyle Cleansing Practices
- Foods + Herbs & Kitchen Preparation


6 Class Course
Thursdays @ 6-7:30 PM


September 13th & 27th
October 11th & 25rd
November 8th & 15th



LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE (To enhance small, group learning experience).

Last Day to Enroll: Tuesday, September 10th, 2018

Taught by: Kathryn Stoerzbach / Holistic Medicine Practitioner