What is Ayurveda?

An Elemental Practice

Ayurveda is a living system which takes into account the world around us and how it affects us on a physiological and psychological level. Ayurveda is a holistic practice. Ayurveda approaches health and well being from a stance of integrating the whole being. Physical. Mental. Emotional. & Spiritual. These aspects are the core components which add to make the sum of the whole: the whole of a person.

Ayurveda works from the understanding of the 5 elements which comprise all things organic and inorganic. These elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Ether assist us into living a more enriched and energized life. We start to observe and see how these elements play out in our physiology, psychology, and the natural environment around us and then directly links the choices we make, to create a healthier lifestyle.

Ayurveda is a direct connection to looking deeper into the choices we make which leads to us asking how to make them better, not only for short term, but for the longevity of health that can be sustainable. This approach allows us to create a clear picture of an individual, and their unique make up, which gives us the ability to create treatment plans and new approaches in life to fit that person, WHOLEistically.

The Doshas

Breaking the world into the 5 natural elements, which comprise everything organic and inorganic, and assessing how these elements play out in our physiology, psychology, and the natural environment around us gives a direct link into creating a healthier lifestyle.

The Doshas are three energetic bodies which make up an individuals unique constitution. These doshas, called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are each comprised of 2 of the 5 elements. The doshas are energies which can directly influence or inhibit different qualities in an individual from the mind to the body. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha govern the responses, bodily functions, and personality characteristics of an individual from either a balanced or imbalanced state. 

Vata: Air & Ether

When Vata is at play and in balance one is enthusiastic, inspired, dynamic, cheerful, happy, charismatic, easy going, playful, and adaptable.

Excess Vata in the mind and body creates worry, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, dryness, a variable appetite, weight loss, gas, constipation, and even feeling cold. 

Pitta: Fire & a little Water

When Pitta is at play and in balance one is energized, bright, quick witted, sharp intellectually, determined, motivated, vibrant, and rich with ideas.

Excess Pitta creates jealousy, envy, agitation, a critical mind, short temper, consumed by perfectionism, acid indigestion, skin irritation, acne, loose stools, and feeling hot. 

Kapha: Earth & Water

When Kapha is at play and in balance one is compassionate, understanding, forgiving, steady, and supportive of others.

Excess Kapha creates depression, lack of motivation, foggy or stubborn thinking, feeling possessive, sluggishness, congestion, weight gain, large stool, and even water retention. 



An approach to a more balanced lifestyle.

How do we optimize our choices to optimize our energies which in turn optimizes the quality of life in which we live? The daily practice of choices that better fit our natural constitution may seem insignificant though overtime these small incremental changes add to a large sum of much better health.  

Stripping away the issues that can arise with food, relationships, demands of work and daily life can expose deeper rooted patterning that can be re-worked and re-wired which ultimately leads to a healthier life. Those open and committed to discovering their natural constitution can ultimately come into harmony with themselves and their surrounding environment. Finding their true nature.  

Ayurveda provides great tools that assists one into greater clarity. It's about living and engaging in your normal day to day life instead of trying to escape it. Having a willingness to learn more, to deepen the understanding of our relationship to ourselves and the life around us, supports our growth in a more balanced lifestyle. 

With Ayurveda being an incredibly powerful tool, which is utilized and accessed through time and education, consistency is key to experience change that leads to sustaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is no quick fix but one that can be easily maintained through a lifetime.


Client Testimonials

"I started working with Kathryn after six months and dozens of flights worth of work travel. I was ungrounded, exhausted, easily sick and my digestion was off after years of travel bugs and spice infused eating habits. After many shared experiences, I knew that Ayurveda could help me find grounding and a restored relationship between my mental and physical. Working with Kathryn has given me the routine I needed and the mindfulness my body deserves. I couldn’t believe how much I had normalized the exhausted state I had been in until I started seeing major shifts. I sleep better. I give my food gratitude. I have a morning routine that makes me feel at home no matter where I am in the world and I can now connect the dots when something is off. My Ayurvedic practice has become a natural and foundational part of of my daily life and I look forward to more growth within it. I am so grateful to Kathryn for her expansive knowledge and empathetic teaching style. Some weeks were harder than others, but she always made sure I could rise to the challenge. "

- Katie Hale (San Francisco, CA)

"Twice I've had the pleasure and absolute fortune to live with Kathryn during a one to two week period and experience her healing through Ayurveda. Kathryn explains her modalities in a way that allows you to understand yourself through Ayurveda + visualize the true beauty of their benefits. She is remarkably well informed and continues to discover more each day, so as her client you are provided with constant knowledge + growth. Her teachings have proved that by simply understanding your own needs and making small adjustments accordingly, overtime you will have a life changing outcome -- and that journey is just so incredibly fun!"

- Marissa Wingo (Chicago, IL)

"I began working with Kathryn after my second child was born. It was a perfect storm of hormonal imbalances and sleep deprivation. As we were adjusting to life with 2 kids, we also moved! I found life as a mother, wife and business owner overwhelming and found myself in a very anxious state. We sought Kathryn’s counsel and guidance in an effort to regain our family equilibrium. She helped us focus on eating nourishing foods and carving out time to be outside. Her approach was simple, yet life changing. She helped lay down a foundation for simple daily changes. Simple changes can be hard, but she held us accountable.  We are beyond grateful for her guidance and support!"

- Audrey Scherrer (St. Louis, MO)