Ayurveda Packages

Consultation (1hr)

This package includes:

- In- depth health history
- Discussion of current symptoms and health concerns
- Ayurvedic tongue, pulse readings, and vitals
- Comprehensive lifestyle discussion / present and long term goals
- Discussion of mind / body / spiritual perspectives

Price: $120 


Report Follow Up (1hr)

This package includes:

- Ayurvedic education of fundamental concepts and health approach
- Discussion of symptoms caused from AN Ayurvedic perspective
- Presentation of individualized health plan and direction
- 1-2 immediate recommendations

Price: $95 


Health & Wellness Plan (3 Month)

 Individualized health plan
Comprehensive wellness program to better and optimize health and energy
Lifestyle Accountability and Coaching 

-Consultation Included
-Report Follow Up included
- 4 sessions a month (weekly) 1 hour
- Phone call availability throughout the week if needed for extra support or Rising questions
- Unlimited email communication during the work week
-  Identifying and focusing on one underlying cause for specific area that is Causing present day issue in health or lifestyle to improve overall health
- Therapies included but not limited to diet, herbs recommendations to enhance healing

$495 / mo